MCC's Sidney campus, Donald C. Burn Administration/Library Building

Campus Safety Information and Resources


Montcalm Community College wants everyone who comes to our campuses to feel safe and comfortable. In that spirit, 我们整理了几家代理商的十博app下载, as well as our own information, should it be needed. In addition, there are other resources that can be found in this document that may be a helpful resource for not only students, but for their friends and family members.


In an emergency,如果需要立即联系警察、消防人员或医务人员,请拨打911.

Non-emergency information 

Montcalm County Sheriff

  • Main number: 989-831-7590

  • 一般非紧急办公时间:周一至周五上午8点.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • General or routine email:


Greenville Public Safety

Montcalm County Central DispatchTo report a crime, or if law enforcement assistance is needed, contact the Montcalm County Central Dispatch.

Phone: 989-831-3500 or 616-225-3500

Nixle十博app下载县治安官办公室现在用尼克尔来维持治安 up-to-date with relevant public safety News Releases and Alerts.

Visit to register.

EightcapEightCAP, Inc. 提供紧急援助和其他服务, 并通过与私人合作来改善我们的社区, government, and community organizations to deliver programs to low-income residents that alleviate the local causes of poverty and its effects. They assist with emergency housing, emergency food, early childhood programs, CASA -法院指定的儿童特别辩护律师.

EightCAP, Inc.

5827 Orleans Rd.

Orleans, MI, 48865

Phone: 616-754-9315


Health ServicesMontcalm County Michigan Health Department provides information on health insurance, affordable health care, public health, human services, women's healthcare, 儿童和家庭保健服务及其他问题.


Montcalm County Health Department

615 North State Street

Stanton, MI 48888

Phone: 989-831-5237


RAVE暴力冲突后的救济-爱奥尼亚/十博app下载县(RAVE-I/M, Inc ..)是唯一一个为男性服务的综合性项目, women and children in Montcalm and Ionia counties who are victims of domestic and sexual violence. 


RAVE-I/M, Inc.

852 E. Lincoln Ave.

Ionia, MI 48846

Phone: 616-527-3351

24小时危机热线:1-800-720-SAFE (7233) 


Title IX Offices


十博app下载没有公共安全官员, however, the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Department assists in regular patrols when possible. 第九条办公室位于唐纳德C. Burns Administration building on MCC's Sidney campus and can be reached during general business hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 第九条官员是MCC的教务处主任史蒂夫·福斯加德, 谁可以通过电话989-328-1068或电子邮件联系 In his absence, 请联系世纪挑战集团人力资源总监, Riki Jensen, by calling 989-328-1220 or email

Campus Public Safety Services

Anonymous tip line

Students and employees may use this phone number to anonymously and confidentially report activities that may involve criminal, unethical, or otherwise inappropriate activity or behavior in violation of MCC's established policies and Codes of Conduct and Ethics.

Phone: 1-866-384-4277 (toll free)


Usher Services

MCC does not have an official usher service, but when needed, 我们利用工作人员把学生领进校园. (一般是从教室到停车场.)

Building surveillance



  • Sidney campus - 72 Indoor, 20 Outdoor
  • Greenville campus - 25 Indoor, 9 Outdoor


  • All buildings on the Sidney and Greenville campuses are within moderate walking distance.
  • MCC's Sidney campus is located in a very rural area within the county and there are not local transportation buses that function in the surrounding area.
  • 靠近MCC格林维尔校区的是格林维尔交通系统, which provides safe, affordable, and convenient public transportation throughout the City and neighboring Eureka Township. Contact Greenville Transportation System by phone at 616-754-9331, Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • 有时,我们也根据需要提供汽油礼品卡.

MCC Fire and Weather Safety Procedures



  • 如果你看到火灾,拉最近的火警
  • 当听到火警警报或中冶员工的建议时撤离
  • 注意预先指定的主要和备用疏散路线
  • Leave building in an orderly manner
  • Persons should be evacuated at least 300 feet from building and out of the way of emergency vehicles
  • CALL 911
  • 只有在被告知安全的情况下才返回建筑物


Prior to the onset of bad weather:

  • 了解龙卷风标志所指示的离你最近的避难区域.
  • 确保你周围的人知道避难所的位置

During a tornado or severe weather watch:

  • Close windows and blinds
  • Revisit of tornado procedures
    • 找到离你最近的避难所
    • 回顾一下放下和收起的位置,记住需要面对墙壁
    • Do not be alarmed if lights go out

Immediate action may be required.  如果你认为龙卷风来袭,就躲到桌子下面.


During a tornado or severe weather warning:


  • In the event of a weather emergency, 迅速安全地移动到离你最近的避难所
  • Avoid areas by doors, glass walls or windows
  • Wait for an “all-clear” from an MCC employee
  • 安静地坐在地板上,鼓励别人也这样做
  • 保持冷静和安静,并鼓励别人这样做
  • 如果你感觉到龙卷风来袭,面对墙壁蹲下

Other weather-related conditions:


如果天气状况需要关闭中冶的设施, college administration will notify the MCC community via the college’s Omnilert mass notification system, 以及在学院的网站上发布信息.   

Minors on Campus Policy


这一政策的目的是鼓励安全, 十博app下载校园未成年人的安全和健康. 学院欢迎所有访客和学生, 包括双录取高中学龄学生, 参加批准项目的早期大学生和儿童, summer camps and academic camps. The College fosters a safe and effective teaching and learning environment and strives for a workplace free from unnecessary disruptions and distractions and therefore, 未成年人通常必须在成年监护人的陪同下. For the purpose of this policy, minor children are defined as children under the age of eighteen (18) who are not enrolled in a college course (credit or non-credit) or are an Early College student.

双在校生和未成年学生或在校工作的未成年人This policy does not apply to: a.b)大学双册高中学生.被十博app下载录取为学生的未成年人.) minors that are working on campus with the permission of their parent/guardian, or d.) events on campus that are open to the public and which minors attend at the sole discretion of their parents/guardians and are accompanied by their parents/guardians.

未成年人在校园里工作受到联邦和州法律的监管. The College will comply with applicable regulations and only employ those minors that have provided the required documentation to be eligible for employment. The College may authorize minors to work in accordance with the hours and functions permitted by law.

Minors in the classroomThe College strongly discourages bringing minors to class and students are encouraged to make child care arrangements to reduce interruption of the educational process and avoid possible injury to a minor. The instructor does have the discretion to make an exception due to unforeseen circumstances. When this occurs, the minor must remain in line of sight of the adult supervisor and they are not allowed to leave them unattended on campus. This applies to all areas of the College, including but not limited to, classrooms, outside gathering areas, library, halls, computer labs, and the recreation building.

Reporting Unattended Minors on Campus如果认为有未成年人在校园里因任何原因无人看管, this should be reported immediately to the Vice President for Administrative Services at 989-328-1249 or designee.


而学院努力成为一个家庭友好的环境, it is not appropriate to bring children to work as a substitute for making arrangements for regular childcare while at work. Employees are prohibited from bringing minors to work, unless approved by their supervisor. 下列原则作为指导方针:


  1. 生病的孩子不应该被带去工作.
  2. Employees may have their child(ren) or grandchild(ren) at work during their meal period.
  3. Employees may have their child(ren) or grandchild(ren) at work on a designated “Bring Your Child to Work” day.
  4. Employees may have their child(ren) or grandchild(ren) at work at other times only with prior approval of their immediate supervisor.
  5. 每当员工带着他或她的孩子(ren)或孙子(ren)来上班时, the employee is responsible for assuring the child(ren)’s proper behavior and for cleaning up after the child(ren). Employees should be aware that what constitutes a safe work environment with appropriate safeguards for employees may not be equally safe for children. Paper shredders, metal scissors, staplers, photo copiers, and similar items are all commonplace in an office situation where employees are trained in their use but threaten a child’s safety. 还有许多限制区域,包括储藏室, mechanical rooms, workshops, laboratories, clinics, kitchens, construction sites, 以及其他存放有毒有害物品的场所.
  6. 儿童不得使用MCC电脑或其他设备, 除了那些特别指定供公众查阅的物品.
  7. The employee is responsible for protecting confidential information protected by the Family Educational Rights & 隐私法(FERPA)和其他法律法规.
  8. Minor children and family members are not prohibited from being in the workplace during events intended for children and/or families or community participation.


如果员工有特殊的家庭紧急情况, and is required to bring their minor to work, the employee’s immediate supervisor will determine if the minor may remain at work. The factors to consider, among others, 未成年人是否干扰了正常的工作活动, 工作环境对未成年人是否安全, the age of the minor, 以及他/她是否能够履行他/她的工作义务.


If permitted to have a minor on campus, 他/她必须在任何时候监督他/她的孩子, never leave the child unattended, and never leave the child in the custody or care of a third person while on campus.


The College reserves the right to revoke at any time the employee’s privilege to bring his/her child on campus.




  • RAVE-I/M, Inc. 唯一的综合性项目是为男性服务的吗, women and children in Montcalm and Ionia counties who are victims of domestic and sexual violence.
  • 《十博app下载》 是一本针对校园性侵幸存者、朋友和家人的资源手册吗. 这本电子书于2018年由州长办公室出版, 和密歇根第一夫人一起.